Our valences are built on
many decades of experience in the servicing, manufacturing and innovation of power plant and auxiliary equipment.

The production knowledge that our partners accumulated in that time is incorporated into our company offers today, helping us to deliver reliable, efficient, and innovative technologies and unique, tailor-made solutions to our clients.
Our partners expertise and commitment always will deliver reliability, responsiveness, rapid turn-around and innovative solutions to our clients.

DePretto Industrie: based in Italy, DPI was founded 130 years ago and has been operating in the energy sector realizing a wide range of complex systems. Today they are carrying on this tradition: offer highly engineered solutions, developed and built according to client’s needs.

During DPI long history we have always played a primary role in the energy sector, enhancing our offer with turbomachinery and turbocompressors. Since 1936 they have realized more than 200 steam turbines, for national and international markets.

Furthermore, in this time they have collaborated with over 20 research institutes in the development of special components.

Many factors have contributed to DePretto success, highlighting some of them: respect for tradition, sense of belonging to its territory, innovation and teamwork, all values in which they have always believed in. Today, as they did in the past, DPI shares a positive vision of the future and the commitment to understanding and facing socioeconomic changes, guaranteeing a high level of standards and skills.

MJBI: MJB International & Masaood John Brown are total providers to owners and operators of industrial gas turbines throughout the world, offering an employee skill base that equates to over 2000 man years of OEM experience in industrial turbine maintenance solutions, with particular specialization in the frame range of turbines designed by GE and their former business and manufacturing associates.

MJBI grants an expanded infrastructure and partnership arrangements allow us to network and support our services internationally.

The company is in a unique position to offer both immediate advice and site assistance to industrial gas turbines users for all operational needs.

As part of the company mission and values, MJBI delivers customer focused gas turbine maintenance service solutions to the oil, gas and power industries. This is achieved by a continuous drive towards enhancing quality, health and safety with an emphasis on preventing personal injury, environmental pollution, considering all legal and regulatory requirements.

Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority.

SIPA Powertech: has a team of experienced personnel for power plant process engineering. The staff has over 20 years’ experience in power plant process engineering, project management, including services, maintenance, erection, commissioning and relocation projects, which are part of the company proven experience. Together we create with our client’s measurable results and an offer of individual solutions to clients. This is the key point that makes the different between us and OEMs. SIPA is flexible to fit into the client´s schedule and procedures.

SIPA offers a complete service on gas turbines, from major inspections to minor inspections, including repairs, on site machining, on site burners and parts cleaning with ultrasonic bath, and which is more relevant, supply of spare and capital parts.

SIPA supplies turnkey overhauls for steam turbines including blades replacement. All necessary modifications and improvements for changing operation values can be calculated for a reliable operation.

SIPA aim is to reconcile the best quality service with the optimal response time for mobilization and provide spare and capital parts.

EDF: headquartered in Paris, Electricite de France, specializes in electricity, from engineering to distribution. The company’s operations include the following: electricity generation and distribution; power plant design, construction and dismantling; energy trading; and transport. It is active in such power generation technologies as nuclear power, hydropower, marine energies, wind power, solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy and fossil-fired energy.

Today, EDF is one of the biggest energy operators in the world, serving millions of clients as result of their end-to-end energy activities. The company harm Ingeum offers today an extensive portfolio of turbomachinery services, ranging from commissioning and decommissioning of powerplants to novel utilization of industry 4.0 solutions, such as its recently launched e-monitoring software that can be plugged in any powerplant or auxiliary equipment.

Liburdi: is a recognized leader in Gas Turbine repair and life extension technologies. Liburdi is also a leading supplier of welding systems, enabling technologies and Over 30 years’ experience of welding support services. Liburdi’s engineering team leads the industry in the development and application of component upgrades that address original design deficiencies while achieving improved durability and increased power and efficiency.

Liburdi’s extensive experience with its Full Solution Rejuvenation® (FSR®) heat treatment processes, combined with its unique stripping and coating capabilities, ensures that every repaired component meets or exceeds the original equipment performance and durability requirements in future service.

Advanced Repairs are available for all gas turbine types — Aeroderivative, Light Industrial, Heavy Duty Frame, and for all engine models from mature technologies to the latest and most advanced Aeroderivative and “F” Class Industrial.

IMESA: located in South Africa, the company focuses in industrial maintenance serving the electrical and instrumentation industry for over 30 consecutive years. They are leaders in the E&I industry boasting 30 years success and over the years built up a long list of satisfied and loyal clients.

The company has valuable experience in the steel, mining, chemical, fuel & gas, food & beverage and many other industries meeting the various demanding industry standards. IMESA hosted numerous services ranging from field engineering, equipment procurement, material supply, construction, testing and commissioning and maintenance services.